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I love trying something new. I guess that is why crafts of all kinds always appeal to me but it is not limited just to crafts. I like anything with a puzzle or a design element to it.

Last week I decided our shop here in Mongolia really needed a new website.
If I am going to “begin again” and get going creatively, and that is definitely needed for me to get more Mongolian information and inspiration online, then I needed a better platform to share and display what we, my staff and I, are doing.

Жэйс Криатив Staff

Our regular staff at Жэйс Криатив

WordPress was the obvious place to start, but I wanted something much more inspirational, something with many facets for people to explore, something that was loaded with information to interest our readers. I was dreaming BIG!

It didn’t take much searching before I found a theme called Newspaper from TagDiv and I was hooked – all set to produce an amazing website in just hours 🙂

Well, inevitably it wasn’t quite like that.
First 2 days: I do like the theme, but managing to understand the structure enough to plan our own site was the first challenge. 2 days in and nothing at all to see for all the hours of work. 😦

Next day: I got up with the idea that if I had some content all organised and ready to post then it would go much easier. So I collected together a set of photos and some word files with text already in Mongolian and set to work. ‘Easier’ proved relative and by the end of the day I had a vague plan but still nothing to show online. 😦

Yesterday: I was back to the old problem of ‘is it a page or is it a post?’. I thought I understood that but there was one aspect I wanted to include that caused me a few more hours of thinking around this question. I finally got help from the very excellent support forum at TagDiv and put an extra function call as custom code in a couple of the files. I was very glad I have programming experience in my dim and distant past, and a willing husband to help. It looks like it solves the problem but that’s another day gone – well actually it was a new day starting as it was well after midnight by the time it was done.

So this morning, I am hopeful again that I will get something at least recognisable as a Жэйс Криатив site today – I need a breakthrough!

Oh and did I mention that while I was totally absorbed in learning my way around this new playground of the Newspaper theme I decided I really HAD to reinstall windows on my laptop. It was having all sorts of network problems with my web browser repeatedly crashing. We were not sure what the problem was but a reinstall seemed the simplest option – it just left me without my computer for the hours it took to get everything back up and running.

AND the other big project for the 5 day public Naadam holiday that has just started here – we are re-writing Jazer, our shop computer programs. Well my husband is, with me helping with the design side of the new system. It is not a minor undertaking and dong it before the shop reopens next Thursday is rather ambitious.

That’s far too much to get my head around all at once – I already burned dinner once while I was wrestling to get an idea into reality on the website.

There is lots going on in the city for Naadam so I would also like to get out to see something of the celebrations if only to get some photos I can use without copyright being a problem. This Naadam Festival site gives you something of the flavour of what is going on.

So while the “Blogging 101” course is a great idea, it is fighting a bit to get a look in with all that’s in progress here, and that is not having mentioned the new products I still have to test and demonstrate that are on the shelf temptingly within arms reach.

And so begins the new day……


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