To begin again – Дахин эхлэх

Over one year on and I return to this blog to try again!

The year has brought many changes –

Firstly in June of last year a new much larger shop here in Mongolia, bringing in new staff, new products, new customers and many new challenges.

Susan Sanderson's photo.Then in April this year the loss of my Mum, a close friend and fellow crafter. I miss her greatly, especially now I am back in Mongolia because there is so much I would love to share with her, that I know she would have appreciated. The good things that have happened, the creative things people have made, the progress of the shop and hopes for the future. She would have understood my sadness and frustrations with other things that have happened and most of all would have just been there to make Skype calls and fill me in on all the news from home.

So here I am, back in Mongolia, wondering how, with our abundance of staff, I seem even busier than I was before?

And how, with my lack of understanding of the Mongolian language, I can use this blog to share my crafting ideas and experience, particularly with our customers, but any Mongolians or others who would venture to read it.

Time will tell if I succeed.

Time in which I intend to find time for creativity!!

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