Making Stencils

I really enjoyed making this one and learnt a lot!!
Although there are still MANY ideas I want to try from day 1 of class, when I saw the card by Kristina Werner on day 2 of class I just had to have a go.
The first problem was I didn’t have the stencil Kristina used so I had to make one. A splat didn’t look too difficult to attempt and after about half an hour of fiddling I had a cutting file. I had a thin sheet of white plasticard that I thought would make a great stencil but I had not tried cutting it in my Silver Bullet before so that was another learning curve. Eventually the cutting was a great success and here is the resulting card. I didn’t stamp through the stencil as Kristina did, I had forgotten that by the time I got that far lol.

card 2

I have the cutting file in PDF or Scut3 format if anyone would like it.
Thanks for looking!

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9 Responses to Making Stencils

  1. Heidi May says:

    will the scut3 format work in the silhouette?

  2. maureen says:

    LOL I made my splatter too! Yours turned out a lot better, rest assured! I loved the tip about stamping into the stencil using the same color ink for a tone-on-tone effect. Try that too!

  3. Love your stencil and card, great job. Looking forward to day3 of class.

  4. bonnielynnh says:

    Wow, you made your own stencil?! It’s fabulous, as is the final product, such a fun card!

  5. Bobby says:

    You did a great job of creating a stencil and your card is wonderful.

  6. Kristie says:

    LOVE this! Great job creating your own stencil!

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