10 Minute Challenge …

Day 4 at the Summer Card Camp was to make a card in 10 minutes using this weeks colour combination. I have made 2 cards but failed totally on the 10 minute part 😦

Kristina’s cards were a couple of small star shaped cards that I really liked so working with the same ideas I came up with these.

day 4 day 4a

The first one took me ages as I fiddled with colour and shape combinations but the 2nd one came together much more quickly having got the basic colours and shapes decided. It still took me about 12 1/2 minutes but a lot of time was used up poking out the bits around the scallops of the 3 die cuts. I also found it difficult when watching the clock to line things up on the circle as there was no easy indication as to which was the top point. Next time I will mark it first with a post it note or something.

I definitely learnt a lot from the exercise though and I am not totally unhappy with the end results. The bright colour and the hearts will definitely appeal to the Mongolians who visit our shop so they will be used as samples after the holidays.

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One Response to 10 Minute Challenge …

  1. Nora Noll says:

    For some reason I didn’t see these!! I LOVE how they came out!! The bright colors are fantastic and I love the die cuts you used. Thank you for commenting on my card today and for the tip on the glue. I never thought of that!! I will be trying it out tomorrow!!

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