Along with a wonderful new teddy design, Leza mentioned on her blog yesterday (here) that herself and her husband don’t do valentines. My husband and I don’t either. We do normally remember birthdays but I have my husband’s permission to tell you what happened on my birthday last year. It was funny 🙂

We were in Mongolia and in the middle of a 2 week survival language course. Very basic stuff – “What is your name?” and “How old are you?” – that kind of thing. In the morning we were up early and off to our lesson. I am not sure I had remembered what day it was, we had been so busy, but our son had stayed up late in the UK so he could catch me on skype first thing and say Happy Birthday :-). Jeremy wasn’t awake at that point so he didn’t know.

Well in our lesson the teacher asked us our names (in Mongolian) as usual and then, unusually, asked Jeremy how old his wife was. His face was a picture as he suddenly realised and we were both nearly ROFL. I don’t think the teacher understood what the joke was which made it even funnier. It was a birthday we won’t forget anyway.

I am sharing today a template for a birthday card. I have still not been creative enough with actual paper to do more than cut this out so if anyone uses this PLEASE can you send me a photo or scan at and I will try and work out how to create a gallery on here. (I don’t want to include a link as it is more likely to get picked up by spammers but my email address is julie02 at jjmail   Take out the spaces and replace ‘at’ with @)

Make time for creativity and have fun 🙂


Birthday Card

Download Pazzles WPC file

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3 Responses to Birthdays

  1. susanna says:

    grazie from italy

    I have a question? I do not speak English but wanted to know the new software pazzles converts SVG files into WPC or, what is it?
    bye susy

    • Julie says:

      Hi Susy,
      WPC is the type of file the Pazzles uses. I have been asked a few times about producing files in other formats. I will post more info about this soon.


  2. Tami says:

    Great Blog! I love the files. I am so excited to see something fresh. Can’t wait to see what you have next. Thanks so much.

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